Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Soviet partisans fight against fascism in the Ukraine

* (2015-11-07, from Galina, within the fascist Republic of Ukraine):
What is in Ukraine today? War.
The Communist party was worn out on courts, our  people were concealed.
We conduct small unauthorized actions sometimes.

* "In Pictures: Red Square celebrations; Woman in Kiev with wartime portrait of Stalin" (2005-05-09, news.bbc.co.uk): The Victory was remembered in other ex-Soviet states, such as Ukraine, where this woman walked with a wartime portrait of Stalin


74th anniversary of the Babi Yar tragedy. Kiev. September 29, 2015.
Participants of the meeting - members of the All-Ukrainian Union Soviet officers (VUSS)

* (comments.ua): Photo: The Communists have traditionally marched on Khreschatyk


KIEV, UKRAINE - MAY 9, 2014: Celebration Of Victory Day In Kiev. Veterans are on the streets of Kiev. Stock Footage Video 6296324 [shutterstock.com/video/clip-6296324-stock-footage-kiev-ukraine-may-celebration-of-victory-day-in-kiev-veterans-are-on-the-streets-of.html]

* "Victory Day May 9, 2015 near Park of Glory in Kiev" photo at "Revolutions, Soviet Union and People" [pinterest.com/galashaplin/stalin]


Kiev. 07 November, 2015


NO To Jewish Fascism!
These words were kindled with desire on the Fiery wall by the Jewish girl-midwife, whom two Banderas stabbed by pitchfork when she was going by the field to a village somewhere in the Western Ukraine to deliver a child.
Who would have thought that, after more than 70 years, the Jews whom in 1941 Banderas shot at Babi Yar, keep company with neoBanderas today?
Jewish Fascists Turchynov, Tymoshenko, Yatseniuk, Yarosh, Tyagnibok, Avakov, Parubiy, Kolomoisky, and Poroshenko all incite paranoia in Ukraine, fanning the flames of russophobia and hatred towards Russia and to the Russian people.
For us there is no difference: Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian, Jewish, German, Bulgarian and etc.
In the world there are only two Nations: PEOPLE and INHUMAN MONSTERS!
This Zionist-neoFascist's Junta, a creation of the USA of 5 million dollars, are all MONSTERS!
They disgrace the Jewish nation!
Zionist-MONSTERS, who unleashed civil war and converted life of Ukraine into political Chernobyl, TRY THEM ALL UNDER THE INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL!
- Vladimir Kovalsky
- Galina Savchenko
- Ivan Tsarsky
at Kiev, 22.06.2014

Avdimou Roche - head of the Zionists during the revolution in Ukraine

Turchinov - agent of pro-American sect "Embassy of God"; pastor of the Baptist church.

Tymoshenko: grandfather Abram Kapitelman.

Yatsenyuk: from the famous Jewish family of Ukraine.

Poroshenko: Father is Alexei Valtsman - one of the first underground millionaires in the Soviet era.

Klychkov: grandmother Tamara Yuhimovna Etizon.

Kolomoisky: mother Zoe Israelevna.

Tyagnibok: Frotman, graduated from the Hebrew school. Zionist.

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