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Republic of the Subcarpathian Rus, struggling for survival alongside their allies in Novorossiya

Other names for the land of the Rus: Podkarpatskaya; Transcarpathia; Carpathia Ruthenia

Manifesto of the People’s Front for the Liberation of Ukraine, Novorossiya and Transcarpathian Rus. Translated in English and posted 2014-07-16 at [], original Russian-language document at [].

The agreement was negotiated at the Yalta Conference, held July, 2014, at the meeting of the heads of government of the Republic of Subcarpathian Rus and the Union of People's Republics of Novorossia, represented by Prime Minister Petro Getsko and Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Parliament Vladimir Rogov, respectively.
The sides also agreed on the early signing of the full-fledged interstate Treaty of alliance and mutual assistance in the destruction of fascism in Eastern Europe and supporting the areas of the Union of People’s Republics of Novorossia occupied by Kiev gang.
The signing ceremony was attended by representatives of public organizations of the EU, USA and Canada.
Sources: Press Service of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of People's Republics of Novorossia; Press office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Subcarpathian Rus.

* "Transcarpathia– peace «second front» against the illegal Ukrainian power" (2015-01-21)
[] []:
The prime minister of the Republic of the Subcarpathian Rus government, the coordinator of the network Rusyn movement Pyotr Getsko answers the questions of the Internet portal «The world and we».

[Question] What is the relation in Transcarpathia to actions of the Ukrainian power?
[Answer] To define the relation of Transcarpathians to policy of Kiev, to the Kiev authorities, it is enough to give results of opinion polls. The Rusyn movement carries out weekly monitoring, for example, more than 70% of inhabitants of Transcarpathia don’t support the planned mobilization which has to begin on January 20. They support that only those who were on the Maidan, those who shout everywhere «Glory to Ukraine — glory to heroes!» would be mobilized. Otherwise Hungarians and Rusyns consider the policy of Kiev as genocide. This example with an appeal is very indicative. Transcarpathians consider the present policy of Ukraine in relation to Transcarpathia, Rusyns and Hungarians as genocide. It disregarding economic «policy» of Kiev which is also possible to be called as obvious destruction of own people.

[Question]  And how the Transcarpathians belong to policy of Russia at this conjuncture, to peace initiatives from the Russian Federation?
[Answer] Not to be unfounded, also I will address to polls. Because Russia carries out a consistent peace-loving policy, including, it provided coal and electricity to Ukraine at the all-Russian prices, the majority of Transcarpathians, more than 70%, supported that Russia is the friend and the EU and the USA are the enemy.
It is an eloquent example and speaks about much. The West helps with tanks and shells that the civil war would be continued. And Russia helped with coal and electricity and it is apparently free of charge as Ukraine has no money to pay. Therefore Russia was called as the friend and the USA and the EU — enemies.

[Question] How did Transcarpathia treat the last sharp statements of the prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán concerning the policy pursued by the USA?
[Answer] According to polls, more than 80% of the population completely support Viktor Orbán's actions. Thus that is characteristic, the same 80% are negative to actions of all levels of the Ukrainian power — the Verkhovna Rada, government, local authorities. And though Hungary is actually other country the absolute majority of Transcarpathians supports the actions of the Hungarian authorities.
What do you think of statements for opening possibility of «second front» from Transcarpathia on national liberation of Ukraine from the illegal, nationalist power?
Transcarpathia is already the second front, but peace. In anticipation of European hearings on a Rusyn question which will take place on February 2, on January 20 Rusyns will organize the photo exhibition opening the scales of the genocide which is carried out in Ukraine. And the evidences not only across Transcarpathia will be provided there — there will be facts about Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev, Donbass, Donetsk and Lugansk.
We are peace «second front». And one of our main tasks is the realization of results of the Zakarpatye regional referendum. It is the extremely negative step for the Ukrainian power. Thus we don’t say that we are against Ukraine or want to leave its structure. On the contrary, we say that Ukraine will be in Transcarpathia, but it will be not Bandera, but Rusyn. But we don’t say we want to leave the structure of Ukraine. This referendum will be realized by an attendance order and it is very terrible for Kiev that we do it peacefully that we build Ukraine without Banderovshchyna.
We speak about unity of Ukraine. The state of Ukraine keeps only on the myth, it doesn’t exist as the geopolitical subject any more. But if the mythology thanks to which Ukraine exists in its current form is destroyed, then already Ukrainian authorities won’t be able to continue the destructive activity.
Not Russia is at war against Ukraine, but local oligarchs are at war against Ukrainians. And they very competently use this myth of Ukraine because are afraid that it will be destroyed.
It is peace «second front». And our peace front will be stronger than any military. In two months we already «rocked» a third of Europe which took both Rusyns and the autonomy. Actually, they opposed Ukraine by it — both Hungary and Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and even Poland.

* (2014-03-17) translated at []:
Open Letter to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation
Most Honourable President of the Russian Federation!
We appeal to you… the President of a Great Country… a country that has traditional ties with our country, which wasn’t and isn’t unmoved by our colonial subjugation by the Ukraine, which wishes for our recovery, stability, and unity. We always appreciated the very high level of civilisational values ​​(education, science, employment, stability, and social benefits for Rusins) that the fraternal Russian people brought to Podkarpatskaya Rus starting in autumn 1944, which deteriorated and rotted under Ukraine rule over the past 22 years.
An illegal seizure of power by Galician nationalists in Zakarpatya Oblast motivates us to issue this urgent appeal to you. At present, the menace of lawless Galician nationalism hangs over Podkarpatskaya Rus, the farthest Western outpost of the Russian World. On 29 January 2014, the pro-Galician neo-Nazi Balogh pressured the Deputies of the Zakarpatya Oblast Soviet to overturn the legitimate government in the region. The official Ukrainian government and the Constitution of Ukraine ceased to exist in Podkarpatskaya Rus with this vote on 29 January 2014, which means that the timeless autonomous status of the region came back into force. It’s clear that outsiders seized power in our region, under the guise of “integrating democratic European values ​​and reforms”. This began a humanitarian catastrophe for the Rusin people, indeed, for everyone living in Podkarpatskaya Rus, at the hands of Galician neo-Nazis and their local collaborators. Officially, the junta and its law enforcement agencies are subject to a so-called Zakarpatya People’s Rada, which is unconstitutional. It’s possible that a massive new persecution of Rusins will begin, as it did 100 years ago in 1914 in the Austrian death camps of Terezín and Talerhof, in 1939 in the Dumen camp near Rakhova. Today, Clan Balogh and its Galician stooges seized control of the energy transportation systems owned by the Russian Federation and the Ukraine throughout Podkarpatskaya Rus.
In this situation, the People’s Government of Podkarpatskaya Rus and all the Rusin people ask the President of the Russian Federation, in the spirit of fraternal agreements with the Ukraine, (which is almost a nonentity today because of its destruction by Galician neo-Nazis), to undertake a peacekeeping operation for a brief period, to allow the resumption of the pre-Soviet Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. The Ukrainian SSR renamed us Transcarpathian Ukraine on 26 November 1944. The results of the 1 December 1991 referendum show that our people desire the political restoration of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. We appeal to you, Mr President. We base our appeal on the decisions of the 2nd European National Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins from 25 October 2008, the Act of Recreating the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, the election of the national government of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and the decisions of the First World Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins on 25 April 2009 in Pardubice in Czechia.
The last international legal act of the will of our people in the USSR/Ukrainian SSR… legal under the “Law of the Ukrainian SSR on national and local referendums” passed in 1991… was a local referendum/plebiscite in Podkarpatskaya Rus held on 1 December 1991. That was 22 years ago, but this referendum and its results remain a legitimate and legal expression of the will of the people of Podkarpatskaya Rus. A majority of the people (76.8 percent) supported the legal stipulation, “Zakarpatya is a special self-governing territory, as a subject under international law not included in other territorial-administrative units”, that is, autonomy within the Ukraine. Today, those in the Rusin lands don’t want to part of a Ukraine where Galician neo-Nazi rioters threaten Rusins with ethnic cleansing.
We, Rusins, and all other residents of Podkarpatskaya Rus, have grounds under international law to appeal to you, Mr President, for the recognition of the restoration of the statehood of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and to call upon you to mount a peacekeeping operation to neutralise Galician neo-Nazism in Podkarpatskaya Rus. The successful resolution of the Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis clearly showed Russia’s peacekeeping ability in world affairs. We believe that a peacekeeping operation of the Russian Federation in the Ukraine would be successful and in the best interests of the country.
With respect,
Pyotr Getsko
Prime Minister of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, Coordinator of the Rusin Network

Pyotr Getsko appealed to Russian communities in the Ukraine
The Rusin Network appeals to all Russian and pro-Russian associations and organizations in the Ukraine… let’s coöperate, otherwise the vicious neo-Nazis will crush us one by one. To start, we must nurture resistance to any manifestation of Galician fascism in any form, whether it’s physical, or in the media, or within the family, or in the work collective, or amongst our neighbours, or out on the streets. The time for passive indifference is over; we need to become active participants. We need to create a network of resistance and coördinate it; that’s the only way that we can keep the contagion from spreading across the Ukraine like a metastasising cancer.
17 March 2014
Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya

History & the Current Context
During the restructuring of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) of Ukraine held an independence referendum in which the residents of Zakarpattia Oblast were asked about the Zakarpattia Oblast Council's proposal for self-rule as an Autonomous SSR within SSR Ukraine. About 78% of the oblast's population voted in favor of of this proposal; however, the SSR Ukraine Council did not approve of the results and did not recognize the democratic declaration of autonomy. Organizations within Zakarpattia Oblast began to advocate for separating the jurisdiction from SSR Ukraine and join the Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia, but soon afterwards, fascists orchestrated the dissolution the Czechoslovakia state government (1993), and no further outreach was conducted.

Deputies of the Zakarpattia regional council decided at a session on March 7, 2007, to recognize the Ruthenian ethnic group on the territory of the Zakarpattia region and include it on the list of ethnicities in the region.

On Saturday, October 25, 2008, 109 delegates to the Congress Of Carpathian Ruthenians met at a conference building near the Mukacheve municipal council building in Zakarpattia region, and signed a declaration act on creation of a Ruthenian nation, the establishment of the Republic Carpathian Ruthenia based on its status as of November 22, 1938, and elected an executive government.

The fascist Svoboda Party of the Ukraine responded by releasing the following statement: "Zakarpattian separatists led by Moscow Patriarchate priest Sidor are issuing an ultimatum to the Ukrainian authorities today. Tomorrow, armed with Russian passports and money from the Kremlin, they will implement the ‘Georgian scenario’ in Ukraine."
The fascist Svoboda Party called on President Viktor Yuschenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to issue a political assessment of the actions in Zakarpattia and Crimea, called on the National Security and Defense Council to draft a plan to restrict separatist actions, and called on the Foreign Affairs Ministry to declare all the citizens that participated in the October 25 congress as persona non grata in Ukraine. The prosecutor’s office of Zakarpattia region filed a case against priest Dymytrii Sydor and Yevhen Zhupan, an Our Ukraine deputy of the Zakarpattia regional council and chairman of the People’s Council of Ruthenians, on charges of encroaching on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.
On May 1, 2009 National Union Svoboda blocked the holding of the third European congress of the Carpathian Ruthenians.

* "Prosecutors File Case Against People Who Initiated Proclamation Of Carpathian Ruthenian Republic On Separatism Charges" [] (linked content has been erased from Internet as of 2015-02).
* "Svoboda Party Calls On SBU To Launch Criminal Case Against Delegates To Congress Of Carpathian Ruthenians For Declaring Carpathian Ruthenia Republic", 2008-10-26 from Ukrainian News Agency []:
The Svoboda party has called on the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to file a criminal case against the delegates to the Congress of Carpathian Ruthenians, who declared the Republic of Carpathian Ruthenia on October 25, for encroaching on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and inviolability of its borders.
The Svoboda party made the call inn a statement, a text of which Ukrainian News obtained.
«Zakarpattian separatists led by Moscow Patriarchate priest Sidor are issuing an ultimatum to the Ukrainian authorities today. Tomorrow, armed with Russian passports and money from the Kremlin, they will implement the ‘Georgian scenario’ in Ukraine,» the statement said.
The Svoboda party also called on President Viktor Yuschenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to issue a political assessment of the actions in Zakarpattia and the Crimea, called on the National Security and Defense Council to draft a plan for preventing separatist actions, and called the Foreign Affairs Ministry to declare all the foreign citizens that participated in the October 25 congress as persona non grata in Ukraine. Zakarpattia Region
Moreover, the party called on the Prosecutor-General’s Office to file a lawsuit demanding cancellation of the Zakarpattia regional council’s decision of March 7, 2007, that recognized the Ruthenian ethnic group on the territory of the Zakarpattia region.
As Ukrainian News earlier reported, over 100 people protested near the Mukacheve municipal council building (Zakarpattia region) on October 25 to demand recognition of the Republic of Carpathian Ruthenia, which participants in the European Congress of Carpathian Ruthenians declared on Saturday.
The congress was attended by 109 delegates.
The Ruthenians signed a declaration act on creation of a Ruthenian nation, declared the creation of the Republic Carpathian Ruthenia based on its status as of November 22, 1938, and elected an executive government.
Deputies of the Zakarpattia regional council decided at a session on March 7, 2007, to recognize the Ruthenian ethnic group on the territory of the Zakarpattia region and include it on the list of ethnicities in the region.

Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), upholding Sovereignty and Independence, alongside the Union of the People's Republics of Novorossiya

Alternative names for the land: Pridnestrovie; Transnistria; Transdniester; Trans-Dniester; Dniester; Transdnistria; Trans-Dniestria; Transniestria. More about the name [].

News of Transnistria, the official news agency
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Photo: "Pridnestrovie celebrating Republic Day" (2014-09-02) [].
* "Victory Parade" (2014-04-13) [] [begin excerpt]: April 12 in Tiraspol, as well as in Grigoriopol, Dubossary and some other localities have noted a significant day - the seventieth anniversary of liberation from Nazi occupation. "The graves of our loved ones celebrate the way the Soviet soldiers from Stalingrad to Berlin, - said Eugene V.. - Noting memorable Liberation Day Tiraspol Transnistria and all from the Nazi invaders, I wish, first of all, the veterans - the health and well-being of young people - to remember and to avoid repetition of those terrible events, all of us - to be worthy of the memory of fathers and grandfathers! ".
Then the festive columns citizens marched down the street on October 25 at the Memorial of Glory. Column control panel and the Lenin Komsomol was a scarlet flags with party symbols and a banner with the inscription "Pridnestrovie Communist Party." Despite the cloudy weather these bright flags gave the city especially solemn look. At the memorial Transnistrian leaders of the state, representatives of public organizations and city residents laid flowers at the Eternal Flame and the graves of fallen soldiers.
To honor those who died during the Great Patriotic War and to pay tribute to the veterans in our country arrived guests of honor - Head of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International, Humanitarian Cooperation, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation Relations CIS member states Konstantin Kosachev, and Ambassador  [end excerpt]

* "Transnistria to Introduce Plastic Circulation Coins" (2014-08-21) []

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