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Learn more about the People of Novorossiya

The Union of Novorossiya, in the region of the Donbass, includes the People's Republic of Donetsk (DPR, or DNR), and the People's Republic of Lungask (LPR, or LNR), whose people have come under attack by fascists who seized the state government of the Ukraine and, backed by the USA State Department, proceeded to attack the cities and groups who rejected the new anti-democratic regime, using forbidden weapons and deputized neo-Nazis in the Azov Battalion, among many other crimes.

The People of the Donbass are workers, mothers, children, pensioners, all who lived their lives as anybody would, but whose sole "crime" was to support the most popular political party in the former Ukraine, and though they rejected the anti-democratic coup, our monopolist media in the USA describes them as being the "aggressor", an insane description that serves to de-legitimize the People of Donbass, and to justify the attacks against them, which, according to statements from USA officials, are designed to provoke the Federation of Russia into a war...

Learn about the current situation of the people of the Donbass region, their society, life, culture, and politics, as well as updates about humanitarian campaigns and defense! Tell people what you see, be brave and take a stand for truth and human rights!

English Language News from Novorossiya
English-language social media and online journals with photos and articles directly from Novorossiya:
* Voice of Sevastopol [], including "The War in Novorossia Online Chronicle"

* World and We world news [] [] with exclusive interviews and reports from Novorossiya!
* South Front video news []
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Free Ukraine Now []
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Ukrainian Crisis Updates []
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* Vineyard of the Saker []
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* Quemando Institute's News from Novorossiya [], and Novorossiya Daily Sun []
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International Observatory of Ukrainian Conflict (IOUCO) []
* Novorossiya Rises []
* Rise Novorossiya []

NAF pages:
Commanders Givi & Motorola are genuine heroes of the People, having defended and survived against the USA-backed fascist onslaught, while maintaining a family and a smile. Here are their fanpages:
* []
* []
* []

* []
* Kolovrat Division []
* Bataillon Viking []
* Team Vikernes []
* []

* Lian Ma of the Humanitarian Battalion []

Russian Language News from Novorossiya:
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Novorossiya Information Agency []
ANNA News []
DNR TV 1 []

Donetsk News Agency []

Lugansk Information Center [] [editor@)]

Novorossiya TV []

Novoros Info news [], video news []

Voice of Sevastopol []

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Southeastern Ukraine TODAY video news []
Information-Analytical Center [], and Colonel Cassad's personal blog []
Novorossia news site []
DNR Svodoba []
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Novo Press []
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War in the Donbass []
#NOVOROSSIYA Coordination Center [] [] Contact []
* Igor Strekov [] []
Verbs online news journal [], chief editor Konstantin Dolgov []
* Novorossiya Information Agency []
* List of Novorossiya video news channels []

Borotba, an anti-fascist solidarity network in South-western Novorossiya Russiam, and Greek-language news [] [] []

* Project "Help militia Donbass" [], archived translated page []

* Purchase Novorossiya flags and keepsakes! [], archived translated catalog []
The flag of Novorossiya, shown in the photo on display in Lenin Square, Donetsk (July 13, 2014), was chosen among many designs put to vote by citizens in Donetsk and Lugansk, and based on St. Andrew's Cross and a historic Russian naval ensign.

The flag of the People's Republic of Donetsk, photo showing it on display during a rally, is of a design older than the Soviet Union, and historically represents the history of the People.


Social Life in the Donbass region of Novorossiya
a compilation of articles and photos showing the People of the Donbass:

* "Moscow Theatre Actors arrive in Donetsk, Novorossiya" (2015-02-01): Actors of Moscow theater “Teatralny Osobnyak” arrived in Novorossiya with humanitarian aid for children living with their families in the building of Donetsk theater. Children have already received gifts and they are very happy. Two performances of Moscow theater also took place in Donetsk tonight. Moscow actors wrote that visitors had cried. In spite of the sounds of cannonade, everyone received lots of positive emotions. Video: []

* "DNR authorities have begun to create their own mobile operator" (2015-02-05, Donetsk News Agency) []: Donetsk People's Republic, Novorossiya -
The DPR authorities have started developing a domestic mobile network operator, DPR Minister of Communications Viktor Yatsenko told a press briefing at the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.
"The Ministry of Communications has started full-scale work on developing a domestic mobile network operator on the territory of DPR," Yatsenko said. "It will be a national operator. First of all, it will cover the territory of the republic and possibly also territory of the friendly Lugansk People’s Republic," he added.
On Wednesday, Ukrainian mobile network operator Kyivstar issued a statement on discontinuing operations on the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions not controlled by the Kiev authorities.

* "Opening of a new social pharmacy" (2015-02-01) []:
Deputy HPD "New Russia" Yuri Leonov reported the opening of new social pharmacy for the villagers of Abakumov Lidievka, Staromykhailivka, and Krasnogorovka. The pharmacy is located in pos.Abakumova at ul.Dagestanskaya, 52. Here medications are distributed to pensioners, invalids of I-oh, oh-II, III-rd groups, as well as children under the age of 1 year. You should have a passport and a prescription from a doctor. Admission recipes made on Monday and Tuesday from 10:00 to 15:00. Issuance of drugs is carried out on Fridays and Saturdays.

* "In Lugansk, restored and re-working center Rehabilitation" (2015-02-04, Lugansk Information Center) []: On the 4th of February, the Lugansk rehabilitation center for people with disabilities resumed its work after a long break due to the war. The center had been heavily damaged, but the Lugansk People's Republic managed to restore it. The center also has a library and a gym. According to the LPR Minister of Labour and Social Policy Svetlana Malakhova, there are around 4000 disabled people and over 4000 children with disabilities in the territory of the Lugansk People's Republic.

* "Shopping center re-opened at Lugansk, Novorossiya" (2015-02-01) [begin article]:
The Lugansk shopping and entertainment complex resumed its work under a new name “Rus”. Its old name was “Ukraine”.
“We made a decision to rename it. After what residents of Lugansk went through, they are no longer happy with a word «Ukraine». The new name symbolizes our roots and it is not worse than the old one, maybe, it is even much better,” - the Deputy of National Council of the LPR Maxim Derskiy said.
Almost all parts of “Rus” work: bowling, billiards, karaoke and cafes. The exception is cinema halls, just one of the halls work, but it’s a matter of time. The prices are not high; there are discounts for children, pupils and students. One film show will be for free every day. Among the films, which people can watch now, are a Russian comedy “Yolki-1914” and Russian cartoon “Three Bogatyrs. Horse Course”. [end article]

Online stores (Russian language)
Patriotika [] the official store of patriotic symbols of Novorossiya. Online Store catalog contains a wide range of merchandise for people who consider themselves true patriots of the Russian people and in solidarity with the people of Donbass in the struggle for independence and freedom.
Novorossiya Online Shop []

Government in Novorossiya
The Union of Novorossiya is a federation of democratic self-governing institutions, established through a comprehensive democratic election which saw participation in all major cities and local jurisidctions.
* "Donbass has chosen a future without fascism, and thus a future without Kiev" (2014-11-02) [], machine-translated from the German language, view photos at the link, [begin excerpt]:
Current status quo: Aleksandr Zaharchenko leads with 81.37%.
Today in Donbass found the elections to the parliaments of the People's Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk. The turnout was more than satisfactory. The people stood queue at the polling stations. Source ( [].
Because voter had to rush to extend the voting time by as much as two hours Lugansk election management. Source ( [].
Until 14:00 clock more than 527,000 voters have already cast their votes. The total number of registered voters in the Donetsk "People's Republic" was 3.2 million. Also international observers were there: The representative of Serbia, the Czech Republic, France, the USA, Greece, Abkhazia South Ossetia and Russia. According to their reports, the vote was very active, as planned, quiet and without major violations. Source ( [].
One day before the planned elections in the "People's Republic Donetsk", however, was Donetsk under heavy fire. Artillery bursts and explosions could be heard on Saturday in the center. Also in the area of the airport was shot again. On the night of Saturday, the ceasefire was allegedly part of Ukrainian army violated even 7 times. 4 civilians and 2 militias were injured. Source ([].
Among other things, Ukrainian troops have tried to block the roads in the area of entry into the territory of the Republic of Donetsk. In order to prevent voters from participating in the vote.
Source ( [].
[end excerpt]

Official websites for the Donetsk People's Republic of the Union of Novorossiya:
* Ministry of Coal and Energy []
* Donetsk People's Council's Press Room []
* Donetsk People's Council []
* Ministry of Foreign Affairs []
* Ministry of Transport []
* City of Donetsk []
* Donetsk People's Republic Commissioner for Human Rights []

The World Federation of Trade Unions sent an invitation to the members of the LPR Federation of Trade Unions to take part in an international conference of Trade Unions in Brussels on June 1-2, 2015.
* "Labour unions of Lugansk Peoples Republic were invited to international conference in Brussels" (2015-02-03), translated from the original Russian []:
Labour Unions of Lugansk Peoples Republic were invited to international conference that will take place 1-2 June in Brussels. It was announced at the briefing of Lugansk Information Centre according to the words of state peoples deputy, head of Federation of Labour Unions of Lugansk State Republic Oleg Akimov.
"Last evening we received invitation to international labour unions conference, which will take place initiated by International Federation of Labour Unions 1-2 June in Brussels (Belgium)" - he said.
"Labour unions together with representatives of European Parliament will discuss questions important for all of us. It is embargo, blockade and sanctions, that USA, NATO and EU have imposed and that resulted in blocking of workers' rights" - labour unions leader of LPR has mentioned.
In his opinion the invitation of Labour Unions of Lugansk Peoples Republic to a serious international forum is "another solid step and confirmation that we are heard and our actions have got certain result".

* "Donetsk Republic Memorandum declares state continuity with Donetsk - Krivoy Rog Republic" (2015-02-05) ( []

Welcome to to the People's Republic of Donetsk!


There is a humanitarian catastrophe. Children already swollen from hunger. Elders with no strength to get up. Support our struggle for humanitarian aid to Novorossia.
1 kg. pasta - for some it's salvation.

This version updated 2015-02-07. For the latest version, visit [].
This page does not provide financial transaction applications, and is for informational purposes only.
Since December of 2014, the USA Treasury has financially sanctioned individuals and certain entities in Donetsk. For a listing of the targeted individuals, carefully read [] and []. None of the affected targets are listed on this website. The USA Congress has NOT yet voted on sanctions targeting entities in "the Donbass" region [], as of February 7th, 2015.

USA Residents are asked to send only non-financial aid:
* Canned food, pasta, dried fruit
* Food and diapers for babies
* Warm Winter clothes
* First Aid supplies, and Medicine
* Personal care products

1) “Novorossiya” Humanitarian Battalion, coordinated by Ekaterina Gubareva.

Their website: []
Social Media (Russia) []
Facebook []
You can send humanitarian aid by post mail. Address in English:
Malahova Irina Vladimirovna
do vostrebovaniya

Address in Russian:
Малахова Ирина Владимировна
до востребования

2) Foundation for Novorossiya and the Donbass: []
USA Contact, in Philadelphia: 1-888-697-9887
Ask how to send aid properly!

"We thank!", a list of organizations who have sent aid to Novorossiya for distribution with the Foundation for Novorossiya and the Donbass, as of January, 2015:
* Agricultural holding: 10,000 cans of food for the children of Novorossiya
* Russian Congress of Peoples of the Caucasus: Free meals for children Novorossiya
* DAR-Medical: Free X-ray film for hospitals Novorossiya
* Chuvash Product: 8 tons of flour and cereals for the people of Novorossiya
* Grana: Free meals for the residents of Novorossiya
* Rola: 9 tons of free pasta

Message from the Foundation for Novorossiya and the Donbass []:
It just so happened that officially Russia did not want to, or cannot have, a full-fledged humanitarian intervention in Novorossiya. So today, this noble mission, to fundraise for the Donbass and to support Novorossiya, fell on the shoulders of ordinary citizens and public organizations such as our Relief Fund of Novorossiya. Our main task is to provide maximum assistance to the Donbass and delivery of humanitarian goods strictly in the hands of the People's aid networks and medical facilities of Novorossiya, without intermediaries or various political impostors. We guarantee that all the funds acquired are distributed in the areas receiving humanitarian aid, delivered strictly by the responsible hands of those who can rightly be called heroes of Donbass

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Soviet partisans fight against fascism in the Ukraine

* (2015-11-07, from Galina, within the fascist Republic of Ukraine):
What is in Ukraine today? War.
The Communist party was worn out on courts, our  people were concealed.
We conduct small unauthorized actions sometimes.

* "In Pictures: Red Square celebrations; Woman in Kiev with wartime portrait of Stalin" (2005-05-09, The Victory was remembered in other ex-Soviet states, such as Ukraine, where this woman walked with a wartime portrait of Stalin


74th anniversary of the Babi Yar tragedy. Kiev. September 29, 2015.
Participants of the meeting - members of the All-Ukrainian Union Soviet officers (VUSS)

* ( Photo: The Communists have traditionally marched on Khreschatyk


KIEV, UKRAINE - MAY 9, 2014: Celebration Of Victory Day In Kiev. Veterans are on the streets of Kiev. Stock Footage Video 6296324 []

* "Victory Day May 9, 2015 near Park of Glory in Kiev" photo at "Revolutions, Soviet Union and People" []


Kiev. 07 November, 2015


NO To Jewish Fascism!
These words were kindled with desire on the Fiery wall by the Jewish girl-midwife, whom two Banderas stabbed by pitchfork when she was going by the field to a village somewhere in the Western Ukraine to deliver a child.
Who would have thought that, after more than 70 years, the Jews whom in 1941 Banderas shot at Babi Yar, keep company with neoBanderas today?
Jewish Fascists Turchynov, Tymoshenko, Yatseniuk, Yarosh, Tyagnibok, Avakov, Parubiy, Kolomoisky, and Poroshenko all incite paranoia in Ukraine, fanning the flames of russophobia and hatred towards Russia and to the Russian people.
For us there is no difference: Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian, Jewish, German, Bulgarian and etc.
In the world there are only two Nations: PEOPLE and INHUMAN MONSTERS!
This Zionist-neoFascist's Junta, a creation of the USA of 5 million dollars, are all MONSTERS!
They disgrace the Jewish nation!
Zionist-MONSTERS, who unleashed civil war and converted life of Ukraine into political Chernobyl, TRY THEM ALL UNDER THE INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL!
- Vladimir Kovalsky
- Galina Savchenko
- Ivan Tsarsky
at Kiev, 22.06.2014

Avdimou Roche - head of the Zionists during the revolution in Ukraine

Turchinov - agent of pro-American sect "Embassy of God"; pastor of the Baptist church.

Tymoshenko: grandfather Abram Kapitelman.

Yatsenyuk: from the famous Jewish family of Ukraine.

Poroshenko: Father is Alexei Valtsman - one of the first underground millionaires in the Soviet era.

Klychkov: grandmother Tamara Yuhimovna Etizon.

Kolomoisky: mother Zoe Israelevna.

Tyagnibok: Frotman, graduated from the Hebrew school. Zionist.